What is Rize?

If you’ve spent more than 10 minutes on the internet in the past two years, you know that NFTs are changing the world.  LeBron James, Mark Cuban, and Floyd Mayweather, along with countless other influencers, have recognized and joined the booming NFT game, solidifying its position in today's digital market.

RIZE was created to carry that momentum into the arena of athletic collectibles. We have supercharged the NFT collecting experience in a way that cannot be found anywhere else.

On our innovative platform, users will be able to hold as many serialized copies of an NFT in their Portfolio as they wish to obtain. 

There are two ways for users to build their dream Portolio: Copping Packs and making trades on the RIZE Exchange.

What is the RIZE Exchange?  It is a cutting-edge feature that allows users to buy and sell their digital assets in a high-traffic market.  Just decide how many serialized copies of the NFT you want to buy/sell, set the price, and execute the trade!  

The most dedicated fans will climb the RIZE Leaderboards as they grow their collection, earning the ultimate bragging rights of being a Top Owner.

Get ready to identify the top prospects, grab them for the right price, and build your dream RIZE Portfolio!

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